Monday, May 21, 2012

Favorite Parts of Today 5.21.12

My cello lesson, even though my vibrato still sucks. The notes are ringing more beautifully and my fingers know where to go sometimes without me having to tell them.
Harmonizing foghorns.
Sticking my bare hands in to a pot of hot sticky rice in a failed attempt to make onigiri. It all stuck to my palms and fingers, which is what made the rice balls not work, but was also the best part.
Standing outside my apartment looking at trees.
Setting up my tent in the living room.
Eating so many longan berries.

What were yours?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Favorite parts of today

Favorite parts of today:

My roommate making me strawberry peanut butter nuttela toast to thank me for cleaning the fridge.
Waking up to birds singing.
The part of Sweet Potato Bug that I play with my index finger walking up the D chord.
Finding the salsa I wanted at the grocery store.
Drinking water out of a big jar.
Sitting on my bed and reading.
Finding out a childhood friend is engaged and seeing her cute family photos.
Vacuuming my toenail clippings off my bedroom floor, finally.
Thinking about my sister and how despite everything, I love her so much.

What were yours?

Update from a little later:
Hearing that coyote outside my apartment.  My San Francisco apartment.

Drunken Beetle

Sweet Potato Bug
Sleeping in late again
You never ask for anything but to be loved
And the world offers itself to you.

Sweet Potato Bug
Staying up late again
Smiling you dance when you're drunk on the light of the moon
Like a beetle in a Hafiz poem

Finally, the beginning of a new song. It's been a while. This song may never get finished. I may scrap it by next week. But it's good to have a song happening. And thanks to Serra Sewitch who first introduced me to the Hafiz poem "What Should We Do About That Moon?"